Solid Wood flooring / Parquet

What is parquet?

Flooring made of solid wood is commonly called parquet. Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring, characterized by repeating geometric patterns made of strips or blocks of wood that have been cut and put together.

What is the installation process for parquet?

Parquet flooring is created using pre-assembled strips or blocks of wood that are fitted together and laid directly over concrete ground. Leveled flooring is needed in order for the wood to be glued down properly and to achieve the best results.

Non-leveled floors can be rectified with concrete or cement screed. As for outdoor wood flooring, the strips of wood may also be nailed instead of being glued down. Installation of parquet is more time-consuming as the flooring needs to be laid, glued, grinded or sanded, then lacquered. Adequate time must be given in order for the flooring to be installed properly.

What kind of style and look can parquet achieve for my space?

As parquet is a form of real solid wood, it is aesthetically attractive and beautiful. However, one must bear in mind that natural imperfections and irregularities will be always be present because the material is 100% natural.

On the brighter side, the use of Ram Asia’s 100% organically natural wood will help you create a healthier environment, with fresher and better air quality for you and your loved ones.

What kinds of wood can I choose from?

You can select from a wide variety of wood like Indonesian and Burmese teak, chengai, maple, oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, etc. The price range will depend on availability and type of wood. Typically, mahogany and other tropical hardwoods are more expensive. Choices of wood will also depend on your intended use. Both outdoor and indoor uses would each require different types of wood for best results.

What are the advantages of selecting parquet?

Solid wood strips do not undergo as much expansion as laminate floorings. Parquet flooring is an exclusive flooring material and will enhance and increase the value of your home.

For outdoor decking, solid timber flooring is very durable and can take weathering well. Ram Asia will recommend the most suitable timber material for your needs. Repair of flooring is possible because solid timber flooring is relatively thick and can be easily refurbished by grinding and lacquering.

How do I maintain my parquet flooring??

Parquet and water generally don’t go well together, unless it is outdoor timber wood suitable for outdoor decking and fencing. That’s why it is important that care must be taken not to wet the floor excessively, especially during mopping. Parquet floors can be cleaned by regular brushing and mopped when necessary. As parquet may get scratched easily, you have to ensure that reasonable care is to be taken.