Solid Surface


As suggested by the name, a solid surface is a solid piece of sheet material, usually around 1-2 cm thick, made from resin with mineral filler. It comes in the form of either acrylic or polyester, which are strong and hardy materials used to cover areas such as kitchen tops and tabletops. They are non-porous and durable because of the nature of the materials used to construct them. Solid surfaces are also available in an extensive range of colours and patterns, and can be moulded, shaped, bent and joined seamlessly.


Solid surfaces are non-porous, making them resistant to stains and not easily damaged by water and moisture. They are also tough and durable, and effectively resistant to scratches and other harsh impacts. However, should the solid surface be damaged for any reason, repairs and refurbishing can always be easily carried out by simple polishing to have it look sparkling clean and almost brand new.
Furthermore, solid surfaces are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, and can be moulded, shaped, bent and joined seamlessly, allowing them to blend in effortlessly into the décor of any residential or commercial space.


Ram Asia’s premium quality range of solid surfaces can be easily maintained with simple day-to-day cleaning using water or a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, common household cleaners like Lemon Pledge will help in effectively cleaning the surface. Be sure to avoid contact with strong and abrasive cleaners and solvents, so that the surface does not erode or wear off.
Solid surfaces offered by Ram Asia can also be buffed and polished back to their original shine, leaving them looking brand new all over again!