Wooden Fencing & Decking

It’s about time you stop dreaming and start living. Along with our specialty in flooring installations, Ram Asia is known for high quality fencing and decking installations for outdoor spaces too.
Choose from our wide variety of wood such as ironwood, chengal, burmese teak and balau, and leave the rest to us.
Perfectly ornamental for gardens, poolsides, plantations and balconies, wooden fencing and decking will certainly give your space a dazzling makeover!


Look around and you might just notice timber decking and fencing used at every corner of every turn. In fact, timber decking and fencing has long been a popular choice for many residential estates and commercial districts.
The exquisite beauty and durability of timber has made it perfectly ornamental for the garden, poolside, mini plantations and even balconies. Timber usually comes in its original and natural form – every piece with different grain patterns and colour tones.
With its versatility, you can always decide to paint or varnish the timber to best suit your liking. Such coating will also prolong the quality and lifespan of the timber by sealing and protecting it from external damage. Whether in rain or shine, you can be assured of its high durability and resistance even in the harshest and most merciless of weather conditions.
Apart from specializing in the line of indoor flooring materials, Ram Asia also provides timber installation services for outdoor spaces too. Select your preferred type of fencing and decking wood in the form of natural wood like, ironwood, teak wood, chengal wood, balau, etc., and leave the rest to us!
With a magical touch of our wizardry, we will transform your outdoor space into paradise!
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Better with Age Natural timber, in its eccentricity, actually looks better as it ages. Just like wine, its looks develop over the years. However, you can still re-finish the timber and restore its originality several times throughout its lifetime.
Durability & High Resistance Timber is known to be durable and resistant in the extremes of various weather conditions and is safe for rough outdoor activities.
Elegance Wooden fencing and decking can instantly enhance the look of your home.
Comfortable Wooden surfaces and structures naturally provide more rebound than concrete, making it much more comfortable for walking and sitting.
Fire Resistance The insulating properties of timber are great, especially in providing heat and fire-resistance.
Better Insulation Various types of wood, especially timber, not only act as great sound insulators, but also give scope for a breather membrane.
Quick and Easy to Build Timber structures can be easily erected and completed in a shorter amount of time than that in brick and mortar. They are also much easier, cleaner and faster to alter and extend.
Uniquely Customizable & Versatile Timber fencing and decking can be easily painted and varnished if you don’t like their original color. Better still, coats of paint and lacquer will help seal the wood and protect it from the harsh environment.



Prior to decking or fencing installations, ensure that water and electrical points are relocated and not obstructed.
For large-scale installations as such, it is very important to check that the support framework constructed by the timber is firm and stable.


To keep your timber flooring looking its best, here are some tips just for you:
• Sweep or clean off particles of dirt and garden refuse, and clean it with a suitable deck- cleaning solution
• Be careful not to use any metal or sharp cleaning tools on your deck flooring
• Always remember to remove any form of standing water
• Keep in mind not to drag anything (e.g. flower pots, heavy furniture) over the wooden decking to avoid inflicting scratches to the surface.




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