Staircase & Wooden Platform

Yes, laminate flooring can be installed on Staircase too….

Ram Asia specialises in the supply and installation of laminate flooring since 1999. We have many choice of laminate flooring brands and colours available. Installation will take about 2 days for a standard staircase of about 16 steps.
Be mesmerized by the splendor of Ram Asia’s staircase and wooden platform creations. Dedicating our passion and skill into the craft of designing and creating magnificent architecture, we assure you of top quality workmanship you can trust. With wooden platforms installed for added sophistication, accompanied by your choice flooring material for an added delicate touch of style and elegance, we’re sure your home and office space will look better than ever before!

We strongly recommend

Wiparquet or Classen laminate flooring (made in Germany) mainly because of the unique structure surface finishing to prevent slips and falls.  Ensure that you keep the stairs dry and free from water spills.


Ever since Jacob’s ladder, the staircase has been richly symbolic of spiritual ascent that is very much akin to the notion of a stairway to paradise.
Intrigued by creativity put into the grandiose structures of ancient-day stairways, many architects and designers today are dedicating countless hours of passion and skill into every detail of our modern staircases. While we often pay little or no attention, there is no doubt that the architectural built and structures of stairways are impressionable in just about any setting.


One of Ram Asia’s many key areas of specialty lies in the supply and installations of solid wood, vinyl strips, carpets and laminate flooring for staircases. Above that, our team of highly skilled workmen also takes great pride in its exceptional installation of wooden platforms.


Wooden Platform are essentially used to elevate certain areas of your home, office or showroom for design and functionality purposes. To complement your fully constructed wooden platform, we let you choose from our wide selection of flooring materials for an additional delicate touch of style and elegance.
Customers can take their pick from a wide array of flooring materials, flooring brands and color shades that will best suit their fancy.


With installation taking just 1 to 2 days for a standard staircase of 16 steps. You won’t have to wait long before taking that very first step onto the staircase of your dreams.


Many choice of materials available for your staircase or platform :
Solid Wood or Parquet, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Strips, Carpets, etc

Elegance Further enhancing your staircase with wooden, laminate, vinyl or carpet flooring will give it a boost of elegance and beauty.
Child-friendly If you have little ones in the house, you won’t have to worry about the inevitable messes and spills spoiling your flooring. Just wipe the spillage dry with a cloth or tissue.It is necessary to ensure safety practice when using the staircase. Keep staircase dry and clean.
Low Maintenance Caring for your staircase doesn’t get easier than this. Simply keep it clean by sweeping or vacuuming and mopping occasionally.
Impact Resistant Subjected to the flooring material used.
Stains on most materials can be easily cleaned easily a damp cloth.
Durable Most flooring materials will retain their aesthetical quality for many years.



Patience is a virtue – especially so when performing installations of staircase flooring. Every single piece of wood needs to be meticulously sized to the exact length, so that they fit perfectly on both sides of every flight of stairs.
Another important point to note is the stair nose level. Again, a great deal of attention and precision is required. Cutting the risers need to be done with thorough care as they are built to support the stair nose and to give it strength and stability.
Our professionalism and gifted expertise at Ram Asia assures you of reliable and quality workmanship you can trust.


The maintenance of staircases and wooden platforms is relatively simple.
To keep it yours looking good, here’s what to do:
•Sweep and vacuum dust and dirt particles regularly
•Mop occasionally with a well-wrung mop.
•Avoid using soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaning products on your stairs
•Ensure that the stairs is always kept dry and free from water spills
•Any water spillage can be easily soaked up using a absorbent cloth or paper towels


It is necessary to ensure safety practice when using the staircase or raised-up platform. Ensure to keep the floor dry and clean.

Wiparquet® Laminate Floor

Making CLASSEN® your choice assures you of quality and peace of mind. But what if you still want more? Something even more exclusive and stylish?.....

CLASSEN® Laminate Floor

By choosing CLASSEN® laminate flooring, you’re also assured of nothing less than top quality.