If you’ve been searching far and wide for high quality and reliable laminate flooring without burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time you stop your search because Ram Asia is here to help you. With our economical range of laminate flooring, residential and commercial spaces that have to be outfitted on a tight budget can still enjoy the luxury of laminate flooring just like anyone else.

In addition to premier German brands Classen® and Wiparquet®, Ram Asia also distributes an economical range of laminate flooring from brands such as Power Dekor, Ace Flooring and Europe Unique. Ideal for the frugal shopper, these brands don’t just come with smaller price tags, but also in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit just about any environment.

Utilizing premium German technology in the manufacturing process, customers can be assured of top quality value for their money’s worth. With Ram Asia’s economical line of quality and stylish laminate flooring, you can create your dream home or office space and a fraction of the cost.

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Economical Brands by RAM Asia

Power Dekor

Inspired by nature, perfected by our dedication, Power Dekor refreshes your home with more than 18 European-styled classic anti-bacterial laminate wood flooring.

ACE Floor

Ace Floor, An American Classic range of laminate wood flooring refreshes your home with elegance, style and comfort.
Europe Unique

An economical range of laminate flooring with quality and style