Laminate Flooring

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by the exquisite beauty of wood? If you love the look of it and even dreamed of having it in your home or office, now is the time to make it reality. You can forget about the painstaking care and maintenance – Ram Asia’s has just the solution for you.
Ram Asia’s range of laminate flooring is fast becoming a hot favorite among architects, interior designers, commercial businesses and homeowners. Being low in maintenance, highly durable and impact resistant in nature, laminate flooring is suited for commercial spaces, high-traffic areas and homes with young children and pets.
As the perfect alternative for real hardwood, laminate flooring is available in many textured prints, designs and colors. While laminate flooring looks just like real timber wood, classically produced laminate flooring is made up of three layers:
1. Decorative paper and overlay in melamine resin
2. Core layer made of High Density or Medium Density Fiberboard
3. Stabilizing layer / moisture barrier
The decorative paper gives the laminate flooring its aesthetical appearance, with a wide range of highly authentic wood replicas available in the market. Today, you can find a plethora of creative tile designs and decors that will be perfect for homes and offices. The overlay in melamine resin is a hardy impact-resistant material that gives the laminate flooring it durability and long-lasting properties.
Secondly, the core layer of the laminate is what provides support to the decorative paper and overlay. The core is made of compressed wood fibers with varying densities, ranging between High Density Fiberboard (HDF) and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).
And of course, not forgetting the stabilizing layer, which is the bottom layer of the laminate flooring. This layer is vital in adding to the overall stability and firmness of the ground.
Laminate floors are well-protected by a tough outer coating that resists most stains, spills, burns, and even harsh scratches. However, for higher quality laminates with stronger resistance to abrasions, look out for products labeled standard AC3 & higher AC4. Such forms of laminate flooring have been proven to resist even the most extreme and harshest impacts without damaging its quality.
Let us help you find the right floor for your home. Contact our sales consultants to answer your questions and explain to you more about our line of laminate floorings.
Replicates Real Wood Laminate flooring is known to create an atmosphere with the same warmth and texture of real hardwood.
Affordable While laminate flooring is able to create the same look and feel as real hardwood, it’s also much cheaper, at only a fraction of the price.
Low Maintenance All that is required for the cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring is regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with slightly damp mopping.
Impact Resistant Laminate flooring is made from high-quality and high-density fiberboards, which are resistant to pressure from high heels, heavy falling objects, and large furniture.
Water Resistant As laminate flooring may be damaged by water and moisture seepage, it is recommended for our customers to choose those treated with Isowaxx at the joints of the floorboards.*Isowaxx® is a sealant that prevents moisture from seeping into the joints of laminate flooring. This unique and patented feature is available in both Classen and Wiparquet laminate flooring.
Stain Resistant Most spots and stains can be easily cleaned off using a damp cloth. Other forms of more stubborn stains can be removed with special laminate cleaning products.
UV Protected The flooring surface is fade resistant. When you move furniture, there will be no obvious dull spots on the flooring.
Quick & Easy Installation Transform the look of your room in one day. Laminate flooring can be quickly and easily installed on just about any type of existing flooring – no mess, no hacking, and all in one day.*however, your existing skirting will need to be removed and replaced
Durable Most types of laminate flooring have long-lasting durability of 20 to 30 years.
Eco-friendly Make the right choice and do your part for our choosing laminate flooring that is PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). We recommend choosing PEFC certified laminate flooring by Classen & Wiparquet.
Wide Variety of Designs Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of designs and colours to suit just about an interior décor and theme.
Laminate flooring can be laid over your existing flooring, which includes concrete floors, ceramic floors, marble floors, etc. As laminate flooring is laid over your existing flooring, you need not worry about the tedious and messy job of removing or hacking away your existing flooring. However, any existing skirting must be removed and we will replace it with laminated skirting to match your newly installed laminate flooring.
Before installation:
If your existing flooring have skirting, it is important that it is removed before installation of laminate flooring. We will provide new laminate skirting to match your laminate flooring colour. Prior to the installation, ensure that the area is cleared from obstruction, and is free from moisture and debris. Also, make sure that the sub-floor to be laid over is reasonably leveled and smooth. Since laminate flooring is not glued to the sub-floor, the leveling of the ground will determine the firmness and stability the flooring will feel.
Laminate flooring has a connecting system, which “connects” or “locks” each laminate into position. They require an underlay that is installed directly underneath the laminate planks, helping the floor float freely over the sub-floor, adding a vapor barrier and aiding in noise reduction.
*Note: Freshly cemented flooring must be allowed sufficient time to be cured and free from moisture.
During installation:
One reason why laminate flooring is very much preferred is its quick and easy installation process. Simply laid over existing flooring such as concrete, ceramic, marble, etc., you won’t have to burst a sweat over tedious and messy hacking. In fact, all you’ll need is about 1-2 days before taking that first step onto your newly transformed flooring!
We strongly advise against the installation of laminate flooring around areas with high levels of moisture (e.g. toilets and kitchens). Especially since laminate flooring can be easily damaged by excessive contact with water, you must also bear in mind that cleaning and maintenance care should be done with minimal moisture involved. To be safe, choose laminate flooring treated with Isowaxx® for better resistance against seepage at the joints.
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To clean your laminate flooring, simply vacuum or sweep and mop your flooring. Please ensure that you mop is damp and not dripping wet, do not mop your floor with a wet mop.
Ram Asia is proud to be the official distributor for the CLASSEN® and WIPARQUET® range of exclusive and high quality laminate flooring. Manufactured in Germany, both CLASSEN® and WIPARQUET® will instantly transform your home with a touch of nature.
CLASSEN® is a premium brand of laminate flooring that is quite unlike the typical. Its textured surface does a fine job at replicating the natural grooves and grains of real wood, luring your eyes into believing likewise. You won’t go wrong with CLASSEN® for an au natural look without having to deal with the imperfections and complications of real wood. Choose this brand for a combination of textures, colors and prints to create your very own unique style to blend with your home décor.
CLASSEN® laminate flooring is made to feel extremely comfortable on the feet, and with high abrasion resistance rating AC3 and AC4, its strength and durability makes it suitable for not only home but commercial use as well.
If you’re think of something more exclusive and stylish, CLASSEN®’s specialist trade brand WIPARQUET® offers its very own ravishing line of laminate flooring. What makes these German brands so unique is their patented Isowaxx® coating, which acts as a sealant to prevent moisture from seeping into the joints of the flooring.
Easy to maintain and durable, CLASSEN® and WIPARQUET® laminate flooring make practical choices for the busy individuals of today. Their sealed surfaces prevent particles of dust and dirt from accumulating easily, making their laminate flooring hygienic and kind to all allergy sufferers. For cleaning and maintenance, regularly remove dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner or mop and you’re done – it’s as simple as that.
In their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, both CLASSEN® and WIPARQUET® have adopted the use of materials that have been certified by PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes).
Care for our earth and make the right choice with PEFC certified products today!
Wiparquet® Laminate Floor

Making CLASSEN® your choice assures you of quality and peace of mind. But what if you still want more? Something even more exclusive and stylish?.....

CLASSEN® Laminate Floor

By choosing CLASSEN® laminate flooring, you’re also assured of nothing less than top quality.