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Have you ever wondered why your home or office lacked warmth and comfort?

Perhaps what it needs is some carpet flooring. If you love that plush and cozy feeling as if luxuriating in a furnished hotel room while on holiday, then why not experience it at home or even in your office? Carpet flooring is a great way to achieve the pleasures of warm and comfort that is bound to instantly make you feel relaxed. With Ram Asia’s wide array of carpet colours, styles and customised sizes to choose from, why not let us impress you with our wizardry of infusing your space with beauty, style and comfort?

CARPETS by Ram Asia

Having difficulty finding the perfect flooring to match your already-perfect décor? Or have you been searching far and wide for flooring that can offer texture, warmth and safety all in one?
Well, search no further. Carpet flooring is exactly what you need. Carpets come in two forms: boardroom carpet and carpet tiles. The boardroom carpet is basically an entire large piece of rolled carpet, while carpet tiles are smaller square sections of carpeting. The two types of carpeting can be used in place of each other with practically irrelevant differences apart from their varying cuts and sizes.
Carpeting is often the choice of flooring for those who wish to add a softer touch to their surroundings. There is simply no denying the versatility of carpet flooring. Whether you’re looking for comfort in the living room, safety at home or warmth in the office, carpet is certainly the way to go.
With a wide selection of virtually any shade of any color, transforming residential and commercial spaces has never been easier. Carpet flooring can instantly turn a boring room into one that is adorned with color and life. Use it as a form of self-expression – make a bold statement with dramatic and daring colors, or a subtle statement of refined style, elegance and sophistication.
Whatever it is, you won’t go wrong with carpet flooring. To cater to our customers’ needs and wants, Ram Asia now offers customized rugs and carpets too. So what are you waiting for?
Make the right choice with us today!

Improved Safety The friction from carpets helps prevent potential slipping. It also reduces the possibility of damage and injury should falls occur.
Sound Reduction Carpet serves as an effective noise insulator. With its ability to scientifically absorb sound waves, noises from footsteps and falling objects are significantly reduced.
Better Insulation Carpet acts as a natural insulator to cold temperatures and is therefore, able to provide additional warmth.
Low Cost Carpet is usually the more affordable alternative to other flooring materials, and is also less costly to install as compared to other hard surfaces.
Conceals Uneven Flooring Carpet is able to conceal any form of uneven flooring.
Easily Replaced Carpet tiles are conveniently and easily replaceable in the case of stains or wear and tear.
Simply lay carpets over your existing flooring – it’s as simple as that!
Please ensure your flooring is reasonably level and free from debris and furniture.
The cleaning and maintenance of carpet flooring is easier than you think. Simply care for your carpet by vacuuming it regularly. However, it is important to note that the amount of maintenance required is very much dependent on the thickness of the carpet.
Carpets that are thicker may need more thorough and regular cleaning, as dirt and dust tend to collect and become embedded even deeper in the carpet. To remove stains, apply a carpet cleaning solution to a clean absorbent paper towel and dab on the stained spot until the stain is completely absorbed. If necessary, use your fingertips to rub the solution into the stain, and blot dry using a piece of cloth or paper towel.
Providing your feet with extra cushioning and a softer, more comfortable walking surface, Ram Carpet Tiles & Boardroom Carpets come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes that can be customized specially to suit your home and office needs. Available as carpet tiles and large boardroom carpets, Ram Asia’s line of carpets will offer you and your loved ones a whole range of benefits including a safer environment to work and live in, sound reduction for more peace and quiet, and better insulation for added warmth and comfort.
Better still, our economical array of carpets are affordable, easy to maintain and can be replaced at the snap of your fingers! Show your family how much you love them with Ram Carpet Tiles & Boardroom Carpets.
Call us for a no-obligation consultation and give your home and office a complete makeover today!
Ram Asia – Carpets

Carpeting your space gives a plush feel that can’t be achieved with other types of flooring. Whether you are looking for a warm snug feeling as you gather with your family in the home, or want a plush and comfortable setting a carpet would answer those needs.