FORMICA® Vinyl Flooring

Formica® vinyl flooring also creates an ideal and conducive environment for peace and quiet as its vinyl floors insulate against noise.

Wiparquet® Laminate Floor

Making CLASSEN® your choice assures you of quality and peace of mind. But what if you still want more? Something even more exclusive and stylish?.....

Ram Asia – Solid Surface

Fast gaining popularity among interior designers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers and architects, Ram Solid Surface is hot favorite for many reasons.

Ram Asia – Carpets

Carpeting your space gives a plush feel that can’t be achieved with other types of flooring. Whether you are looking for a warm snug feeling as you gather with your family in the home, or want a plush and comfortable setting a carpet would answer those needs.

CLASSEN® Laminate Floor

By choosing CLASSEN® laminate flooring, you’re also assured of nothing less than top quality.


If you’ve been searching far and wide for high quality and reliable laminate flooring without burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time you stop your search because Ram Asia is here to help you.