Laminate Flooring

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a composite of high-density fiberboards (HDF), a décor layer and resin surface covering.
The HDF base gives the flooring its solid foundation and the installation includes an underlay of PE foam or rubber, which provides comfort while walking and a reduction in noise transmission. The décor layer, which is the upper most surface, is what gives the flooring its unique wooden appearance. Lastly, the resin covering gives texture and more importantly, is a hardy surface that prevents scratches and other forms of damage to your flooring. It is also commonly known as a ‘floating floor’ because it’s laid on top of your existing floor.
Laminate Flooring is the perfect alternative for real hardwood. With its realistic wood look-alike appearance, laminate flooring can easily create a similar atmosphere of warmth and comfort. It comes in many different textured prints, designs and colors, and is suitable for homes, offices and commercial spaces.

What are the characteristics of laminate flooring?

The main characteristics of laminate flooring are:

  • Natural color shades and consistency in the textured prints, unlike real wood, giving the laminate a clean and natural look
  • A surface that is highly resistant to scratches, burns, harsh impacts, water, and stains
  • Durability of 20-30 years very durable and will last for many years
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Laminate flooring expands and contract, which means gaps must be factored into installation for space allowance

What is the installation process like?

Prior to installing a new layer of laminate, it is necessary to remove any existing laminate or skirting. Ensure that the area is cleared from obstruction and free of moisture and debris. Also, make sure the existing floor is reasonably leveled, as this will determine the stability and firmness of the new laminate flooring.
After which, the installation of the new laminate flooring is relatively quick and easy. All that is involved is laying the new laminate over the existing flooring. It will not damage nor affect your existing flooring, which means cost-savings for you. There is no need to use glue as well because floorboards are connected via an interlocking system. With laminate floorings, you can easily change the look of your floor anytime – simply remove and replace.

What are the advantages of choosing laminate flooring?

The advantages of laminate flooring are self-evident – it is stylish and sophisticated, long-term durability, easy to maintain and highly resistant to damage and daily wear and tear.
Due to the resin surface covering, laminate flooring is very hardy and is therefore, able to withstand inflicted damage. It is especially good for homes and environments with high human traffic, young children and pets. On top of that, it requires low levels of care and maintenance, with only occasional cleaning needed.

Does Ram Asia provide a warranty for laminate flooring?

Yes, Ram Asia provides warranty for all their flooring products – workmanship warranty and product warranty.
For more information, please see the terms and conditions of warranty.