About Us

“We strive to always provide customers with products of quality that will stand the test of time and to ensure that our before, during and after sales service and workmanship is dependable and impeccable.” 

Established in 1999, with over a decade’s worth of service experience, Ram Asia has grown well rooted specializing in its core business of the supply and installation of flooring.
Our primary services include the following:


• Laminate Flooring
• Vinyl Flooring
• Solid Timber Flooring / Parquet Flooring
• Engineering Wood Flooring
• Carpet Flooring


• Outdoor Timber Decking and Fencing
• Solid Wood Fencing
• Wooden Raised-Up Platform
• Wooden Raised-Up Platform• Solid Surface Top
• Repair And Replacement Services
• Parquet Polishing, Staining And Varnishing
Since our inception, we have been working closely with clientele and business partners that include architects, developers, main contractors, interior designers, renovation contractors, and residential and commercial owners. With rich industry experience in building material, we are confident of our position as a reliable business that provides convenience, top quality service and products at highly competitive prices.
Ram Asia is also a seasoned distributor for many prominent international brands like Classen laminate flooring, Wiparquet laminate flooring and Formica Vinyl Flooring. With our constant emphasis in the importance of long-term relationships, we conscientiously work towards building and establishing good relationships with customers, as well as business partnerships with leading brands to ensure that products offered to customers fall nothing short of the best in quality.

With unrivaled passion and commitment…

… in delivering service excellence and providing meticulously crafted one-stop solutions to all our customers’ flooring needs, we make it a constant effort to improve our products and services to meet the wants and needs of the market.
Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or corporate business, our aim is to provide you with the perfect fusion of professional service, quality products, commendable workmanship, timely project completion and efficient after-sales service.

Our customers can be assured of…

… satisfactory service standards with our specially designed internal project management systems. Utilizing easily-accessible records and strict documentation processes enables us to conveniently retrieve any project-related information, such as purchase date, product details, color codes, etc. Furthermore, our unwavering promise of delivering quality, reliability, and durability has concluded with customer satisfaction and loyalty time and time again.

Driven by our corporate responsibility…

… that works towards thinking and living green, we are progressively adopting corporate practices such the utility and provision of products that have been certified “environmentally-friendly”.

Our range of Classen® and Wirparquet® laminate flooring have been awarded with the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). To promote environmental conservation and sustainability, we recommend choosing PEFC certified products to help keep our world clean, green and beautiful – always.

Sales Team

At Ram Asia, we believe in the power of building long-term relationships that are firmly founded on professionalism, loyalty and trust. That’s exactly why we have employed dedicated, passionate, well-trained and fully equipped sales personnel to be a part of our Ram Asia family. Our constant emphasis on establishing good customer relationships is the reason for our success today. With our experienced team of sales staff to cater to your specific flooring needs, a job entrusted to us will certainly be a job well done.
Whether you’re looking to add a little zest to your home or a tinge of class to your office, let our sales team advise you on our range of products and guide you in the selection process of the one that suits you best.

Delivery and Operations Team

Our efficient delivery and operations team will take care of all of Ram Asia’s day-to-day operations. Their commitment and dedication will ensure all your deliveries are punctual and smooth running.

Installation Team

Ram Asia’s in-house experienced installation team has been highly trained in delivering tight and stringent quality control in every single job performed. Leave the work in the hands of our team of installation experts and be wowed by their well-polished artistry.

Support Team & After Sales Service

At Ram Asia, you buy with a peace of mind, knowing that products purchased from us are guaranteed of high quality and will be backed up by outstanding after sales service. All products and services purchased from Ram Asia are covered with warranty – subject to terms and conditions.
We strive to get it right the first time, but if a problem does occur, drop us a line or send us an email and we’ll have our operations team sent down to inspect the issue as soon as possible. You may also call or email us for any enquiries or to engage us for repair services.
However, to speed up the service process, customers are advised to send us an email for any product-related problems. In the email, attach pictures of problem areas with an explanation of the issue, and please also provide us with the company name of our dealer and the exact address of where the installation was done.
Ram Asia ensures delight in customers by providing satisfactory sales and after-sales service support. With our specially designed internal project management system, which keeps records of all important details (i.e. product type, product model, purchase date, area of installation, name of dealer, etc.), we are able to easily access and retrieve project-related information to help ease all other forms of after-sales services.
For warranty support, customers can visit our website and activate their product warranty. Please keep a copy of your purchase invoice (usually from our dealer or reseller) as proof of purchase.

We look forward to being of helpful support to all your flooring needs. Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries.
Email :  sales@ram.sg

Floorings for Life

Looking Good, Feeling Good, Naturally
Incorporated in 1999, Ram Asia lives and breathes its passion of providing top quality flooring at affordable prices. With a heart for our customers, we strive to make all flooring dreams come true by turning every fantasy into reality.
Over the years, Ram Asia has been dedicated to specializing in solid timber wood and other wood look-alike flooring materials.
To meet the needs of our customers, we make sure our selection of flooring materials strictly adhere to the following criteria:
• Real wood or wood look-alikes
• Warm and comfortable for the feet
• Quick and easy installation
• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• High quality
• Sourced from reputable manufacturers
• Reasonably priced

Why is it so important to choose the right flooring material for your home?

As we all know, the flooring in our home is the ground we step on everyday. It occupies a large portion of our home, making it exceptionally vital in determining how our living space looks and feels like.
Considering the constant contact with our shoes and feet, plus the amount of pressure imposed by household appliances and furniture, there is no wonder why it is of utmost importance that we pick flooring materials that are durable and easy to maintain while looking and feeling good all at the same time.

And how is that possible? Well, how else but with Ram Asia!

Ram Asia is the official distributor for many international brands of quality flooring materials. We keep prices low and affordable for our customers by establishing more profitable partnerships with architects, developers, interior designers and renovation contractors.
By providing quality flooring, quality workmanship, timely project completion and reliable after-sales services, we hope to be the market leader in flooring and the preferred flooring supplier for both residential and commercial business owners alike.
At Ram Asia, we understand that while cheaper flooring materials may look good, they don’t always deliver quality and durability. That’s why, we make it a point to assure all our customers that Ram Asia’s selection of flooring materials will never fail to impress and delight in every way possible.

Specializing in the supply and installation of real wood and wood look-alike flooring materials, here’s our line up of what we have to offer:

• Laminate flooring
• Vinyl flooring
• Parquet flooring / Solid wood flooring
• Engineered wood flooring
• Carpet flooring

Ram Asia is also proud to be a distributor for internationally renowned brands such as the following:

• Formica® Vinyl Flooring
• Classen® Laminate Flooring
• Wiparquet® Laminate Flooring

Make the right choice! Do it right from the start!

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right supplier, the right brand and the right flooring. To make the right choice, contact Ram Asia for a no-obligation consultation at 6743 9139 today!